With the aim of strengthening its Australians supermarket business

With the aim of strengthening its Australians supermarket business, Woolworths has been concentrating on taking their customers’ perception. The company obtained a 50% stake in Quantium, Australia’s data-driven strategy business with capabilities in retail data and big data analytics in April 2013. Woolworths will use Quantium’s data, analytical, social media and software services to leverage its ‘Everyday Rewards’ data to deliver insights and better decision across pricing and promotions with the plan to increase its customer analytic team size. This has reinforced its position as Australia’s leading retail loyalty program with increasing membership by 11% to more than 7 million members. In 2013, Woolworths turn up the ‘Net Promoter Score’ customers satisfaction program to stores, which has interview their customers for feedback on their shopping experience recently. Furthermore, Woolworths has been focus on the online retailing. To enhance customer usability, the company has invest in the development of divisional website. For example, it first launched Big W online website in 2010. The transactional app was downloaded more than 500,000 times and used monthly by about 80,000 customers regularly in 2013.