Witch Trials

An argument that the period of witch trials stemmed from the fact that men feared women.

This essay demonstrates why and how power-hungry men used the church against powerful women in order to kill them legally and to force the rest of the women into second-class citizen status. This essay further investigates the pagan religion and women’s downfall, as well as Christianity and men’s rise to power. Methods of torture and some of the women’s confessions are included.
During the witch craze, 85% of those people executed for witchcraft were women, states The Burning Times. Although this percentage is not fixed , some countries had a higher percentage than others , the small percentage of men condemned as witches is even more flexible. Men made 10 to 15% while animals were around 5% (Armstrong). This paper focusing on the witch trials more so on New England than any other witch hunt site, is to prove that this high percent of women condemned as witches was due to men’s fear of women and their power.”