Winter Dreams

A study of Fitzgerald’s short story Winter Dreams.

This paper examines the F. Scott Fitzgerald romantic short story, Winter Dream. It analyzes the main character’s strong love and fixation for Judy Jones, the unattainable woman. The paper describes his fascination with her exterior beauty and his final understanding that physical attractiveness is subject to the precariousness of time, as Judy losses of her beauty.
“Winter Dreams is the story of Dexter’s life and it takes place over a period of over twenty years. Dexter Green’s whole life, personal choices and aspirations were dramatically influenced by the incredible power his fatal attraction and love for Judy had on him. At 14, Dexter first meets Judy, to whom he feels an almost immediate attraction, despite her very arrogant, spoiled and childish behavior. At 23 Dexter met Judy again in a golf country club, where they became sentimentally involved. Very soon in the story the reader realizes that Judy’s good looks and flirtatious behavior had the great power to conquer numerous men, including Dexter, making them absolutely powerless and blindly fall in love with her.”