Windows vs. Linux

Discusses the monopoly Microsoft Windows has in the IT world and shows the alternative of utilizing LINUX, which gives users greater control of their software environment

In the world of business computing, there is really only one product line used to manage software – Microsoft Windows. In all its variations, the Windows line of operating systems, back end servers, IT management applications and other software products have gained the lion’s share of business in these arenas. While Apple Computer has recently introduced a back-office solution in the servers and apps arena (Apple’s xServe and OS X – which is a Unix based OS), IBM has long had similar products in both hardware and software (OS/2), neither has really gained much more than a toe-hold into the business-software world. Microsoft, truly, is the monopolistic giant that it has made itself into. However, as the world has been flocking to the Microsoft picnic, a significant number of guests have become upset with the limitations and rules that Microsoft has set forth regarding its software. For those people, LINUX, a free-ware Unix-based operating system that has no usage rules, no licensing agreements,and no restrictions. For these companies, the ability to completely control their software environment using a highly stable platform and one in which they do not have to invest is a major draw.