Wilson vs. Roosevelt

This paper examines both Theodore Roosevelt and Woodrow Wilson–their presidencies, political philosophies, and policies and tries to answer the question: Who was the Greater Statesman?

A paper which compares and examines American Presidents Woodrow Wilson and Theodore Roosevelt. Included are discussions of World War I under Wilson, social and economic reforms taken on by both presidents, the Anthracite coal mining crisis under Roosevelt, and others. All of the important events that took place during these men’s presidencies are presented comprehensively and concisely, leading to the ultimate conclusion that Theodore Roosevelt was the greater statesman of the two.
Theodore Roosevelt and Woodrow Wilson were two presidents with completely different personalities and strategies while in office. The thing that they do share, however, is that they both left an indelible mark on the United States and the world at large. While Theodore Roosevelt showcased his speak softly and carry a big stick philosophy, Wilson preached a more moral-based, pacifistic approach to the presidency. Certainly, both men had an extremely important effect on the molding of history.