Vulgarity in The Art of Donald McGill

Analysis of George Orwell’s use of vulgar humor in his writing and the problem associated with this type of humor.

Orwell’s point in writing the article “The Art of Donald McGill”, was to demonstrate the validity and even necessity of vulgarity in our social lives. Orwell was a self-consciously political writer. Orwell asserted, in his article “The Art of Donald McGill”, that humor, particularly vulgar humor, promotes a society and its health. Orwell put forth the idea that humor, particularly vulgar jokes, act as a social steam-valve. Racism was the absolute norm of the day in Orwell’s time. Orwell’s point was to help bring a sort of validity to the argument of vulgarity. The problem, however, is that vulgar humor puts others down and is inherently damaging to others essay writer australia.