Voucher Programs in Education

A look at the advantages of vouchers and tax credits for private education.

This paper examines how, in today’s society, the right of parents to choose the educational system their child participates in is a valuable choice, and while some parents choose to have their children attend public schools, still others want their child to attend private institutions, both of a parochial and secular nature. It looks at how tax credits and vouchers play an important role in this decision and how, although there are opponents to the voucher and tax credit programs, there is a definite need for these programs within today’s educational system. It shows how they provide choice and competition and ensure a free market system where advancements and expansions are made possible.
“Opponents of the government funded voucher system argue that scholarships, or vouchers, issued by the government sector would only extend the problems of the public educational system over to the private sector. Since the idea is based on a free market economy, the concern is that the very nature of the public will limit that economy. With vouchers would come a public demand for guidelines and policies requiring specific regulations, opponents say, and this would fundamentally negate the free market economy (Coulson, “Criticism of Government Vouchers”).”