Visions of Peace in Lysistrata

Examines visions of peace in ancient Greece through this play by Aristophanes.

One of the most remarkable documents ever written on the subject of peace may be Aristophanes’s play ,Lysistrata. It is a ribald, extremely sexual comedy about an extremely serious subject, namely, the subject of a war between close allies and neighbors. This paper analyzes the play and the theme of war and peace. It looks at the issue of war between the sexes and how this concept was seen through the eyes of an ancient Greek playwright.
Of course, in Lysistrata peace between Greeks is only created through war namely a war between the sexes, ironically. The war is funny, of course, but it must be noted that even if the message of the play may be read as pacifist, it is not necessarily feminist. The women’s main “weapons” at their disposal are those of their bodies, even their metaphors are of the home, of children, weaving, and yes, the marital bed. However, Lysistrata’s spirit and her willingness to sacrifice what she loves for Lysistrata does love sex, and love her husband for a higher cause is seen as virtuous and noble by the playwright.”