Virginia Department of Social Service

This paper discusses the Virginia Department of Social Service (VDSS) policies that deal with diversity, ethics and privacy issues in the work place.

This paper states that the mission of the VDSS is to help people lead safe and productive lives. This paper states that the service and structure of the VDSS is a model organization, which has successfully achieved its goals by its qualified and diverse workforce and by providing service without any discrimination and partiality. The paper discusses its many different programs for many different people.
“The Executive Order 2 also emphasizes the recruitment of qualified minorities, women, disabled persons, and older Virginians to serve at all levels of organizations. It also protects the privacy of employees in the workplace. In many organizations over fourteen million employees in United States have their privacy been violated in one form or another. Due to this privacy issue the Virginia Commonwealth has also put the strong emphasis on privacy of employees and ethics.”