Violent Roots

Analysis of an article by John Monahan – “The Causes of Violence”.

This paper discusses the article which examines the causes and roots of violent behavior in people. It shows how the author claims that there is very limited research in this field. He argues that, although biological, sociological, and psychological factors contribute individually to causing violence, the root of the problem lies in a combination of all three. In attempting to develop a multicausal explanation, Monahan points to the influence and role of the family.
“Although many theories have emphasized the importance of biological factors, such as hormones, chemical imbalances, brain injury, and genetics, in the causation of violence, the present level of scientific research has failed to identify any definite links. However, this same research has also failed to categorically disprove biological factors as a potential cause, thus supporting Monahan’s call for an increase in the funding of study and research in this area.”