Vanishing Borders

A book review on this book by Hilary French which examines globalization from an environmentalist perspective.

The paper reviews Hilary French’s Vanishing Borders and discusses how it represents an attempt to depict the contemporary debate over globalization from an environmental perspective. The paper argues, however, that French’s text – while undeniably admirable in its delineation of the environmental aspects of globalization – is dated in a contemporary context. The paper asserts that critical focus, even when it leads to pessimistic conclusions, is clearly necessary. As well, the paper argues that more attention needs to be paid to the role of human culture and society in consideration of globalization and international development.
“At the opening of her text, French concisely outlines some of the vast parameters of globalization. In so doing she makes clear that globalization is not simply the latest stage in an evolutionary process of global trade but that it marks a quantum leap in the scale of international trade and commerce, where growth in trade consistently outpaces the expansion of the global economy (French, 5).
“The disconnect between trade and economic growth is significant, French suggests, as it clearly cannot be sustained without inflicting serious – and possibly irreparable – damage on the global environment (French, 9). The impact of this can already be seen on the world’s human population, as the World Health Organization estimates that nearly one-quarter of human disease and injury is related to environmental disruption (French, 42).”