Use of Information Technology on Scenario Planning

The use of scenario planning on the problem of the development of managerial opportunities in the IT industry.

This report demonstrates the practice of scenario planning on the problem situation “How might managerial opportunities in the IS/IT industry develop and what is a robust strategy for exploiting this situation?” First, the reasons and rationale for completing this report are described in some detail. Then a brief description of the scenario planning process and how it is used in the situation is discussed. The main driving forces behind the scenarios are detailed along with supporting evidence where necessary. The paper’s four scenarios deal with the types of jobs that have been created as a result of the rapid advances in technology – in particular, the technological advances in the IS/IT industry. From a number of sources available is it clear that improvements in communications technology have resulted in the increased use of handheld/wireless technologies.
Teleworking has been the product of the evolution of the information economy, and in the future it is likely to spur the creation of jobs that offer an alternative to office-based work. Security jobs will always be in demand due to the constant threats posed by organizations on a daily basis. Internal auditing has also change dramatically in recent years with the introduction of new technology. Internal auditing now deals with a range of issues that include examining an organization’s information systems and making recommendations on areas where improvements can be made. These trends will be expanded on in the report