Urban Tourism

A literature review on urban tourism.

This paper explores the various schools of thought on the subject of urban tourism such as different approaches made by scholars and experts on the subject on how to actually study the phenomenon. It focuses on literature concerning the supply side of the debate (tourism resources), the demand side (tourist expectations) and the convergence of supply and demand attributes to the argument. It also evaluates the contribution residents make in formulating an accurate analytical framework in studying the causes and effects of urban tourism.

Table of Contents
Literature Review on Urban Tourism
“Another approach under investigation in this study is the demand-side of the urban tourism debate. While many theorists believe it is important to concentrate on the supply side when proposing analytical frameworks or formulating tourism policy, many scholars look to analysis of the demand side for the answers. Jansen-Verbeke and Rekom conducted a study on urban tourism marketing in terms of museum visitors. Their research project investigated the real stimulus and behavior trends of museum visitors. It was conducted in Rotterdam and studied the Museum of Fine Arts as the project’s urban tourism product. The laddering technique was selected as the most appropriate methodology to adopt.”