U. S. Invasion of Iraq

This paper is a critical analysis of a U.S. invasion of Iraq.

This paper discusses and answers the question whether the US attack on Iraq is justifiable or not. The author gives three primary reasons proving that an invasion of Iraq, will be favorable not only to the US nation’s stability, security, and freedom, but also to all the nations in the world. Furthermore, an analysis of the said political issue will be tackled, with relation to two political theories, the Power- Elite (Elitist) Theory and Pluralist Theory.
The impending and planned attack of the U.S. government against Iraq, particularly on Saddam Hussein and his army, is the most talked about political issue at present. The impending attack against Iraq is the topic of most debates among people; there are various responses and opinions regarding the said issue. One of these responses is the question of whether the US attack against Iraq is justifiable or not. Many arguments whether the attack on Iraq is really necessary, and if the attack will actually result to condition better than the present state of US and Iraq, as well as other nations, particularly those belonging to the Middle East region. This critical analysis paper will discuss and answer the question whether the US attack on Iraq is justifiable or not, and by supporting this stance with details, facts, and information regarding issue.