U.S. Economy

This paper gives a brief review of the U.S. economy and attempts to predict the state of the economy in the year 2002 according to a number of factors.

The following paper examines how the U.S. economy has been enjoying economic expansions and increasing new jobs by decreasing unemployment rate over the years. However, in the recent years, the business community still has doubts whether 2002 would provide the same picture or deteriorate even further. In order to assess the state of the U.S. economy in 2002, this paper examines the current trends in the U.S. economy, the gross domestic profit, consumer expenditure and the fluctuation of unemployment in the future.
“It is expected that the government’s incentives to provide new production methods would enable the business sectors to increase their efficiency. Emphasizing on manufacturing process, introducing technologies to permit workers to analyze data as well as allowing adjustments in production line would be one positive aspect because it would lower the cost of production for industries. The government also plans to improve supply chain management, which has become the predominant factors that drive companies. With 55.6 in March, its best reading in two years, from 54.7 percent in February, 2002 of price index business oriented individuals would benefit from these aspects of change [Aversa, 2002]. “