Tungurahua Volcano, Ecuador

A paper on Tungurahua Volcano of Ecuador that has been in active volcanic state since the October of 1999.

This paper looks at the potentially disastrous effects of the Tungurahua Volcano on the village of Banos, which lies on the foothills of the mountain. The paper discusses the risks for the inhabitants and plans and solutions that could save the town essay writer salary.
“As of date, it has been nearly four years since the first of eruptions from the Volcano began spewing out ashes and poisonous smoke in the October of 1999. The authorities were swift to take action, and evacuated the entire population of the town of Banos, as well as all the adjoining areas to various shelters and larger cities to considerable distance from the volcano. In addition, all the roads and highways leading to the town of Banos, and villages at the foothills of the erupting volcano were sealed off for the public. Yet, the residents of Banos and villages wish to return to their homes, and after a brief confrontation with the authorities, villagers as well as townspeople were allowed to move back to their farms and homes, even though the heightened state of yellow alert is still in effect. (Dytt, 1929; Simkin, 1994; Ecuador Travel.Net, 2003)”