Tramuatic Brain Injuries

Looking at how they can be caused, their effects. and treatment if necessary.

This paper defined traumatic brain injury and explains that it can occur in two ways – closed head injury and penetrating head injury. The paper then looks at the kind of damage these injuries could cause and how they could affect a person’s daily functioning. It then shows how, often, serious criminals suffered a serious head wound in their earlier life which causes the brain to have minimalized moral judgment.
What do Ple, Steve Young, Bobby Joe Long and Timothy McVeigh have in common? At one point or another, all have suffered traumatic brain injuries. Ple’s injuries were from a soccer ball and Steve Young’s injuries were from repeatedly being sacked; both were expected as professional athletes; however, Bobby Joe suffered from many serious head injuries starting from childhood but culminating with a life-threatening motorcycle accident that left him in a coma for many days. Timothy McVeigh also sustained three mild head injuries during his youth.