Tourette Syndrome in Children

A study of Tourette Syndrome – a neurological disorder – in the case of children.

A paper which studies Tourette Syndrome in children. The paper shows that TS, a neurological disorder usually associated with tics, affects about 1 in every 2000 children. It examines symptoms and diagnosis of the syndrome, treatment in the medical fields, a search for a cure and the difficulty for both child sufferers and their families of living with the disorder.
“The most exciting and promising part of TS is the amount of research that is being done in the hopes of finding not just a cure, but better treatments for those who continue to suffer. Craig Whitley’s site highlights some of the research being done by the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke, the leading contributor to TS research nationally. The recent studies have determined that TS is an inherited trait from a dominant gene that causes different symptoms to appear in different people. The disorder may turn out to be more common than was previously thought. Genetic studies are trying to find the chromosomal link to TS, so that new therapies can become an option for research and development. Once the marker is found, the research can focus on finding the gene, which can lead to a better determination of risks for people who carry the gene, gene therapy when couples are preparing to have children and perhaps a more definite diagnosis technique.”