Today, the most interested natural sources energy are wind and solar power. Energy drawn from the sun is known as solar power while electricity generated with the help of wind is known as wind power. There are many similarities and differences between wind power and solar power. There are some similarities and differences between solar and wind power. The first important similarity of wind power and solar power is that both of them generate electricity which can be used to homes, buildings, and appliances. Also, both wind and solar power do not cause almost any pollution to the environment. In spite of these similarities, wind and solar power have some differences. The different of wind power and solar power is the cost of installation. The cost of installation of solar panels is dramatically higher than wind turbines and blades. However, in terms of maintenance, solar power is cheaper than wind power. While solar power is silent and makes no issues to environment, wind power is noisy and causes unpleasant environment. In my opinion, wind and solar power are the best natural sources energy because both of them are not harming to the evironment compared to other sources of energy, like coal and oil.