Throughout 19th century

Throughout 19th century, people immigrated to England for a better life and the fiery spirit of innovation. “The Industrial Revolution was another one of those extraordinary jumps in the story of civilization”- Stephen Gardiner. What if those inspiring inventions never came to be, that everything is repeating and no innovation of anything whatsoever. Men such as James Kay and James Hargreaves invented everyday machines used to make life easier for many people. The industrial revolution started in England because People went there for a better and improved life.England has all the necessary minerals and resources to become a powerful country and to be one to start a new era. According to the data in document 1, their resources consist of coal, iron, lead, tin, wool, and cotton. The materials they used to start a revolution. As seen in document 4, George Warner tells of England being, “Rich” and that the “harbors are plentiful”. England had the necessary resources to give people a new life.