Three Court Briefs

This paper describes three court briefs : Hernandez vs. State of Texas (1954), Bobb vs. Municipal Court and Brooksbank vs. Anderson.

This paper presents the facts, issues and reasons for each case. The Hernandez vs. State of Texas (1954) was the only Latino American civil-rights case heard and decided by the United States Supreme Court during post-World War II period. The Bobb vs. Municipal Court was case about a woman, called to serve on a jury, who refused to answer certain questions on the grounds that while women were asked about their spouses men were not; she was held in contempt of court. Brooksbank vs. Anderson is a case about corporate issues.
“The lower court sided with Brooksbank on the grounds that his original “guarantee” of funds was in fact not a guarantee in the strict sense. “The district court concluded that these provisions constituted consideration because they created new or different obligations by respondent, which were not contained in earlier agreements.” The court ordered the respondent to pay over $86,000.”