This report has examined an effective healthcare professional communication

This report has examined an effective healthcare professional communication. The findings show that participants perceive communication as a fundamental component in healthcare. The findings show that effective communication is not only important among healthcare professionals, but also between healthcare professionals and their patients.
Healthcare organizations seriously suffer when there’s an ineffective interpersonal communication; either between the healthcare professionals and the patients or between the healthcare professionals themselves. Therefore, the errors that cause lack of interpersonal communication increases communication costs, which can be expressed through time, quality and money, and this directly affects performance component.

Information is the most powerful tool in the modern society. Therefore, it is a fundamental component of efficient, effective and successful organizational management. When there is an effective interpersonal communication, the doubts and speculations among healthcare professionals and the patients fade away. Ineffective listening skills and lack of preparedness may lead to less informed decisions or judgments among healthcare professionals. It’s important that they listen actively in discharge conferences and prepare adequately so that everyone’s contribution is counted for in the final decision. It’s also important that healthcare professionals collaborate and demonstrate team skills whenever involved in communication at an interpersonal level.