There are huge amount of people with different racial

There are huge amount of people with different racial, ethnic, religion and others in the world. We will meet different kind of people and using various languages to communicate with each other. Besides knowing the languages to communicate, we are also need to learn cross cultural communication to conduct an efficient conversation. I’m a Malaysian Chinese and my country, Malaysia is a multi-cultural society that has 3 major races: Malay, Chinese and Indian. Malaysians normally learn 2-3 languages to communicate with other races. Each races have their own traditional customs that everyone need to respect.
The purpose of this paper is to investigate and understand the ways in which culture affects the way we communicate and build relationships with others. Cross cultural communication has become purposefully important and pragmatic to our society due to the evolution of technology, the progress of global business, and the Internet. Learning cross cultural communication is important for employers or employees who are working at any companies that having a diverse work place or planning to conduct global business. Students that studying aboard are encouraged to learn cross cultural communication to minimize the misunderstanding when communicate with the people that having a different culture backgrounds. This kind of communication contains an understanding of how a person from different culture backgrounds communicate, speak, and view the world around them