Theories of Max Weber

Sociological & intellectual value of 19th Cent. German’s world view, historical contributions, ideas on bureaucracy, Calvinism & capitalism, determinism vs. freedom.

Max Weber’s (1864-1920) theories have been instrumental in shaping modern sociological thought. The social and intellectual context of Weber’s writing, his major concepts and theoretical assumptions and development of his theories will be discussed. In addition, the theoretical issues of freedom versus determinism and Weber’s image of man will be examined. The nature of Weber’s theory relative to its theoretical orientation will also be discussed. Finally, the impact of Weberian theory and its strengths and weaknesses will be covered.

Weber, a German social scientist, had a major influence on modern sociology and the history of ideas, in general. Some of his areas of contribution were the following: important studies on social organization; the nature of the modern state, jurisprudence and ethics, authority and leadership, and most…