The Wireless Internet

Technical detail on the emerging wireless system that allows people and machines to communicate anytime, anywhere, using voice, video and data and messaging services through telecommunications.

The paper states that what started out to be a convenience has now become the basic structure of modern lifestyle. The paper discusses that much of the focus of wireless computing development is centered on the physical and media access control layers of a system. The author point out that security is a major concern with wireless systems.

Table of Contents
Wireless Computing
Methods of Wireless Communication
Wireless Networks & Services
Wireless Local Area Networks (LAN)
Physical Layer
Future of Wireless Internet
“This project was called APRANET ( Advanced Research Projects Agency Network), created by the Pentagon’s Advanced Research Projects Agency established in 1969 to provide a secure and survivable communications network for organizations engaged in defense related research. In order to make the network more global a new sophisticated and standard protocol was needed. They developed IP (Internet Protocol) technology which defined how electronic messages were packaged, addressed, and sent over the network. The standard protocol was invented in 1977 and was called TCP/IP (Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol).”