The War of the Flea

A brief description of the reign of Mao Tse-tung and the Communist Revolution in China.

This essay focuses on the causes and effects of the Chinese revolution. The writer discusses the way in which Mao Tse-tung and the communists came to power in the region and explains how China was affected by this communist revolution. The paper also gives some other examples of this type of revolution in South East Asia.
“The fall of the Manchu dynasty in China led to a civil war of epic proportions. The chief protagonists were the Guomindang (Nationalist Party) and the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). In 1936 a cease-fire was called to deal with the Japanese invasion, however civil war returned in 1946. Despite support from the US and USSR and an army four times the size of that of the CCP, Beijing fell in January 1949 and the nationalist government fled to Taiwan.”