The Use of Fuel Cells as an Energy Alternative

A paper which discusses using fuel cells as an alternative to traditional energy sources and their advantages.

The paper shows that fuel cells offer tremendous promise and potential as an energy source. Among topics covered in this paper include: How fuel cells operate, why they are cleaner than a combustion powered engine and the research that is currently being conducted to advance this technology. The paper also lays out the roles the federal government, automakers, and oil companies are playing in investing in fuel technology. It also discusses the problems that need to be overcome in order for the use of fuel cells to meet their full potential as an energy source.
“In summary once the fuel cell market begins to take off, the impact can snowball. Using hydrogen to combine such renewable energy sources with highly efficient fuel cell cars would impact many industries such as the automobile, oil, electricity and natural gas. Furthermore, an added benefit of fuel cell will be the elimination of carbon dioxide that are produced by gas powered engines, instead the only by product produced here would be water. In fact this water will be safe enough to drink because it will be pure. Research will continue to advance the potential of fuel cell as a dependable long term energy source.”