The Ultimate Computer Virus

An in-depth look at computer viruses.

This paper is an in-depth look at computer viruses. Topics covered by the author include: What is a virus? Different kinds of viruses, and how viruses can be prevented.
“First, what is a virus? A virus, according to Dr. Solomon’s On-Line Guide to Computer Viruses, is a program that repeats itself. When something repeats itself, it grows. That is the problem, but looking at a virus, one will realize that it is no more than a weed in a garden, a mere nuisance. It can be easily removed. Except it is classified as being a weed in an electrically rooted garden. In a real garden, many people consider a dandelion to be a weed. The gardeners believe that the dandelion can destroy all the other plants in the garden, therefore being a destructive dandelion. The same is true with a computer virus if it isn’t caught and “pulled.”