The three key factors of success for this venture are

The three key factors of success for this venture are:
? Meet the expectations of customers :
EV4S should develop product that meet the expectation of customers, adapt their product to the market trend and cover a wide range of vehicle types from small vehicles to passenger vehicles in order to create a fast and flexible response to the market trends .
? Strong value :
Since countries all over the world maintain severe actions and laws to reduce the amount of greenhouse gases ,EV4S should be able to enroll in these state policies by developing and producing electric cars that are environmentally friendly .
? Combination of three company’s strengths :
Toyota ,Mazda and Denso aim to produce and develop basic structural technologies for electric cars .In order to ensure a successful rapid growth of the new company ,they should combine the power of the three companies :the power of Mazda in computer modeling , the competence of Denso in electronic technologies and the Toyota’s factories and platforms .