The Rundown vs. Sweet Home Alabama

A comparative analysis of the two films, “The Rundown” and “Sweet Home Alabama”.

This paper discusses how many films are targeted at specific audiences because of the topic or plot and analyzes the films, “The Rundown” and “Sweet Home Alabama”, for similarities and differences in gender roles, plot, and special effects. It attempts to show that, although both movies contain many attributes that can be enjoyed by both men and women, it is clear that “The Rundown” was aimed at male audiences, and “Sweet Home Alabama” aimed to satisfy a female crowd.
“The Rundown, starring The Rock, Seann William Scott, Christopher Walken, and Rosario Dawson was made to attract male audiences. It is an action packed film with numerous fighting scenes, explosions, and tough talk. The Rock’s character, Beck, is sort of a hitman that is paid big money to retrieve debts that are owed to his boss, and he uses force if necessary. However, at this point, Beck is not satisfied with his life and wants out of the business. His boss gives him one last job of traveling to the Amazon and bringing Travis (Beck’s boss’ son) back to Los Angles. Travis, played by Seann William Scott, is very reluctant to leave and gives Beck a lot of trouble and back talk. The whole story gets more complicated when we meet Hatcher (Christopher Walken) a detached American who has turned the jungle and its inhabitants into his own money-making gold-mining empire.”