The Rabbit-Woman Village

A description of an archaeological find called the Rabbit-Woman Village.

The paper reports on the excavation of an ancient village, named the Rabbit-Woman Village, sister to the Lizard-Man Village. The paper investigates the archaeological work done on the site and the different techniques used such as stratigraphy and the development of a relative chronology.
“Another area of importance is the family organization of the people of Rabbit Woman village. Did they have traditional family units, as we think of them today. Did the men have more than one wife? Did the women have multiple husbands? Did they send their children to be raised by a family member and raised another family members children? Is there even a concept of marriage and family or do they thin of themselves as a communal family? Evidence of this can be found in the artifacts, and from the stories of the decedents of Rabbit Woman village. Looking at the surrounding areas, it is good to note the family organization of those sites that we know and that coincided chronologically with the Rabbit Woman village. We will also look at burial patters, were families buried together? And housing. Is there evidence of a male presence at all the camp sites, houses of Rabbit Women village, things like spears and other weapons usually indicate the presence of a male.”