The Power of the Catholic Church

This paper examines the past and present power of the Catholic Church, presents structure and historical difficulties and explores possibility of revitalization.

Catholicism has survived for almost 2,000 years with certain core values intact and with a basic framework that has also survived in spite of massive historical changes, countless social movements, defections from the Church and the creation of new sects to compete, and other forces that have challenged the power of the Church, many of its teachings, its structure and administration, and other aspects of the Catholic Church and its beliefs. From time to time, the challenges have become more severe, to be followed eventually by periods of cultural revitalization to which the church has adapted even as it has at times led such an effort. If there is to be a cultural revitalization movement in the future, the Catholic Church will certainly be involved in some form and will be responsible for the maintenance and transmission of certain core values and ideas that