The Popularity of Amateur Photography

A paper which examines why photography is such a popular hobby.

Photography has been described as “probably the world’s greatest hobby. The paper shows that there is no doubt that photography is a popular hobby, with the introduction of the digital camera only increasing the popularity. The paper explores several characteristics of photography that explain this popularity: that it is an adaptable hobby; that it is an accessible hobby; that it allows for individuals to combine their other interests; that it is an opportunity for every individual to be creative, even those with limited creative skills; and that it gives people the opportunity to interact with their world.
The fourth reason that amateur photography is a popular hobby is that it gives individuals the opportunity to be creative, even if they are lacking in creative skills. As one author notes, photography is a creative process: the subjects you choose to photograph reflect your own character, mood and opportunities (Joseph & Saunders 8). Another author makes the same observation, …the single most important factor behind a picture is the photographer (Freeman 8). This means that the photographer is central to the process and provides the creativity. However, at the same time, the photographer does not have to provide the material. This can be compared to painting, where the creative has a blank canvas and must provide the entire artwork.”