The Political Geography of Kashmir

This paper examines the political history and geography of Kashmir focusing on the Shatterbelt between Pakistan and India.

This paper discusses thee land of Kashmir, the rope in a tug of war between India and Pakistan, which dates back to 1947. The paper explains why there is so much hatred. The author points out that a more recent threat is the nations’ ability to produce nuclear weapons, which has prompted the United States to try and resolve the situation.
Kashmir is mistakenly referred to as the disputed territory but it is not disputed. It is land that has been signed over by agreement to the Republic of India since 1972 . It was acceded to India the same way many states and areas were signed over to Pakistan. The formula that was used for the partition of the divided lands was left up to the leaders of the lands. The rulers of each area was allowed to decide whether it would be acceded to India or to Pakistan.