The Philosophy of St. Bonaventure and Renee Descartes

Compares and contrasts the beliefs of God in St. Bonaventure and Renee Descartes

This paper explains the basic differences between St. Bonaventure’s and Renee Descartes’s concept of God, describes what may have influenced their thinking and why, and highlights the main points of their beliefs about God.
“Descartes derived almost polar opposite conclusions based on his observation of the world. Of course, Descartes was living in a much more rational age than Bonaventure. He was, timewise, more removed from both the Greeks and the early Christians, and took logic for granted, as well as embracing mathematics, which had been shown to be very reliable. In fact, in Descartes’ time, mathematics was the only discipline capable of producing visibly constant results. So it isn’t surprising that he would base a philosophy on mathematical/scientific concepts.”