The Motet

This paper discusses the composition form of the motet in England from the late 12th Century to the early 15th Century: Relgious andsecular uses in England; eclectic nature; uses by composers in Gothic & Gregorian forms.

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The motet is a musical form of polyphonic music, primarily church music, beginning in the Medieval era in Europe. The motet known as Huic main/Hec dies is a French composition from the mid-thirteenth century. This work comes from the Chansonnier Roy. This piece is a motet that ends in the text Hui main au dolz mois de mai, at the end of which the tenor Hec dies appears. The latter section is called the motetus. The piece exists in a short manuscript without score arrangement, for it would have been a waste of the valuable parchment to assign full staves for the few notes of the tenor, to say nothing of the difficulty of aligning vertically the compact ligatures of the tenor and the widely spaced notes…