The Making of a Strong Leader

How a strong leader can transform a business into a success.

This paper examines how successful leaders have vision and the ability to empower people to transform this vision into a reality. These leaders inspire their people to bring out their best in performing their everyday activities. It discusses how a strong leader possesses a number of skills, including making critical decisions, creating an environment of collaboration and knowledge sharing, and communicating his priorities to the people. In addition, strong leadership provides a sense of direction to the organizational members toward the realization of the organizational mission.
“Leaders create an environment that encourages personal motivation. It’s the main characteristic that helps individuals in a team to realize their values. Leaders motivate employees through several ways. For example, they may align rewards to high performance. They may seek the use of balance scorecard that aligns organizational goals with the performance. In some cases, organizational leaders inspire people to choose their goals that they may strive to accomplish. Incentives, rewards based on performance, and profit sharing are some of the ways that a leader can use to motivate the employees.”