The Mafia and Organized Crime

A look at the history of the Mafia and organized crime and the legacy left today.

This paper examines how the Mafia is alive and well today and how it has its roots in many developing American cities, although some believe its origins are in Italy. In particular, it looks at how Chicago has always been a major hub for this group and how, since organized crime is involved in drug trafficking and other illegal activities, it is still a major problem in America today. It discusses how, more and more, law enforcement appears to be less intimidated by these groups and how several mobsters have been tried and convicted for their crimes. The focus is on the approximately sixty-year period where crime families ruled Chicago, even though the Mafia’s existence seems to have endured for decades before and since the period and location discussed.

The Existence of Organized Crime
Early History of Organized Crime in Chicago
Analysis of Organized Crime Causes and Effects
Some people question whether or not organized crime exists; yet, the existence of these groups is well documented and almost common knowledge. The speculation that the mafia is a myth and gangs, with their intricate organizations, do not really exist is most likely perpetuated by denials of the mob figures themselves. Sociologists study organized crime today and its existence is widespread. It exists all over the world. Today, the mob exists all over the United States as well as in other countries. The question is not whether or not the mob exists, but rather what are its causes and how did these groups surface in the first place?