The lottery

The lottery. Two simple words that can change one’s life completely. The lottery isn’t just a straightforward, effortless gambling game. It enables you to spring straight into the upper class. In fact, it’s a one way ticket to all of the luxury and riches of the world, and all it takes to win is a little bit of luck.

The chances of me winning the lottery, are about 1 in 175 million, so utterly unlikely. However, if I did win the lottery one day, I would most certainly pay for my college education. I’ve always wanted to pursue my dream of becoming a Neurosurgeon, and learning about the brain has always peaked my curiosity. Subsequently, I would go on to get my PhD and attempt to solve questions about the brain that have stumped scientists for years.

The second thing I would do with my winnings, is go on a family trip to Paris and Italy. One of my biggest dreams is to explore and travel the world, since there’s so much to see and be exposed to. Growing up, I’ve seen so many pictures of Paris in the night, and how glamourous it looks, which has made me want to see it in person. The Eiffel Tower and the Arc De Triomphe are the two places I undoubtedly want to visit. The Eiffel Tower is the most visited tourist place in the world, with a record of a heaping 6.9 million people visiting the place back in 2011. The Arc De Triomphe is a monument dedicated to the French army founded by Napoleon, a French Emperor. I would also relish to spend some time in Italy. Italy is known for its remarkable architecture of the Colosseum as well as the Leaning tower of Pisa. The Colosseum is the largest amphitheater in the world and is located in Rome, the Capital of Italy. And the Leaning Tower, is known worldwide for its unintended tilt of 3.99 degrees. Visiting these places, would really be a dream come true.

Following that, the next way I would choose to spend my money is by making my family is well tended to. I would settle all their existing debts, and pay for food, bills, education, along extravagant amenities for everyone. My dad would get the private jet he’s always desired. My mom, the brand new apple computer she’s been raving about.