The Kinetics of Chemical Reactions.

An investigation into the kinetics of the reaction between hydrogen peroxide and potassium iodide in an acidified solution.

The paper deals with a very detailed investigation into how the kinetics of a reaction changes from alterations in pH, the concentration of reactants and the addition of a catalyst in a homogenous solution. Also included is the most effective, yet efficient manner, of determining the rate of the reaction including detailed mathematical calculations. There is a lot of experimental data as evidence included and a detailed practical guide of how the investigation was undertaken and numerous discussions.This paper is essential as a reference for those studying reaction kinetics.
“Investigate the kinetics of the above reaction and thus attempt to find a rate equation for the reaction and also establishing the best method to determine the rate of the reaction. I will do this by varying the concentrations of Iodide ions, H+ ions and Hydrogen Peroxide to generate the rate equation, I will also try to find the effect of a catalyst: Molybdate ion on the rate of reaction and also if the amount of catalyst is relevant in a homogenous reaction. The rate will be found using the iodine clock reaction and also by the use of a pH meter and a colorimeter, and these methods will be assessed to help determine the best method of analysis.”