The Importance of Shakespeare

A look at the value and contributions of Shakespeare’s writings.

This paper is about the importance of William Shakespeare’s writings. The author argues that Shakespeare’s writings are valuable because of the lessons they teach, their literary style and their reflection of the society of the time.
Not too long ago, when Oxford University was deciding on whom should be named Man of the Millennium, William Shakespeare was chosen to be the winner. Perhaps they were liable to be biased because both he and Oxford are British, but I truly believe it was for reasons far deeper than that. Shakespeare is the most popular playwright read in schools today, but why? School Boards seem to feel that Shakespeare’s works provide valuable literary lessons and insights and I agree whole-heartedly. Not only is Shakespeare my favorite playwright, but also one of the historic figures I admire most. I believe that everyone, regardless of age, should read Shakespeare because of the valuable lessons, literary value, and for their own edification and enjoyment.