The History of Capitalism

A discussion of the history of capitalism in American history. Get more go to link

This paper discusses the history of capitalism, specifically in regard to the American economic system. The author addresses a variety of flaws within capitalism and takes a sided angle against modern capitalism and its functions.
“Capitalism is one of the most misrepresented economic structures practiced in the present day. The economic standing of a capitalist society relies on the monetary participation as well as the drive for accumulation of material possessions by the people. Capitalism requires voluntary advancement through the socioeconomic system, as a participant, even when an individuals. personal beliefs, values, and morals are contradicted by the system itself.This requirement establishes, that while living within a capitalist economy, people are expected to conform their personal and professional opinions within the capitalist system of beliefs. One has no choice other than conformity within the system if one intends to live a fruitful and prosperous life.”