The Healing Powers of Music

A paper discussing the topic of music therapy.

A paper discussing the topic of music therapy. Several instances of how music has been proven to have healing qualities for the mind, body, and soul are examined. The author looks at topic of vibrational healing.
“Music has always been a part of our lives. It can make us sing, dance, and tap our toes to its rhythms. It has the power to make us laugh or cry. Music can help us remember special times or create a new memory. Over the years, the interest in the amazing effects of music on our lives has dramatically increased. The study of these effects of music is called music therapy. Although many different types of music can yield many different results, researchers discovered that most of these results come from either baroque or classical music, such as music composed by Bach or Mozart and improve the well being of people. This is also known as vibrational healing, which is the utilization of the sounds of the voice and instruments to improve the body; the instruments may be musical or just ordinary objects that make a particular sound, such as a tuning fork. Because of this, people of all ages have been shown to benefit from the positive effects music has on the body and the mind.”