The Green Mile

Film analysis of the movie “The Green Mile” starring Tom Hanks.

This paper introduces, discusses and analyzes the film “The Green Mile” starring Tom Hanks. Specifically, it addresses the religious aspects of the movie, and looks at their overall importance to the film. The movie deals with life and death aspects about a prison guard recalling his service of duty, especially escorting convicts to the electric chair.
“”The Green Mile” is an interesting film depicting the story of an old man, Paul Edgecomb, (played by Tom Hanks), who remembers his youth spent as a prison guard at a Southern prison, Cold Mountain Penitentiary. “The Green Mile” is actually the stretch of green linoleum flooring the convicts walked from their jail cells to the electric chair.”

John Coffey (played by Michael Clarke Duncan) is an illiterate Black man convicted of murdering two nine-year old girls. Yet, this huge, gentle man is afraid of the dark, and has something mystical about him, and about what happens at the prison when he comes to “The Green Mile.” He changes the lives of the guards, but he especially affects Edgecomb. At first, it is simply a feeling, and then, Coffey cures his painful bladder infection by a seeming miracle, and cures Mr. Jingles, the injured mouse. Paul is convinced this man is special.”