The Governments of France and Britain

Description and comparison of the French and British political systems.

This paper provides a description of both the French and British political government systems and then follows these descriptions with a look at the similarities and the differences between the two governments. The paper also looks at how the citizens of each country see their respective government and concludes with a positive assessment of the outlook for both countries.
“In France and Britain, citizens have displayed various attitudes toward their governments. Recent elections in France show a dramatic leaning toward right wing politics and a general loss of interest and faith in politics from the masses. Voter turnout was just over 71 per cent, the country’s lowest turnout since 1958 (Rebick, 2003). This can create a problem in a representative democracy and it benefits the right. People are spending a lot of effort in trying to counter the rise of the far right by mobilizing grassroot groups focusing on war, the Israeli occupation, anti-Semitism and racism. But their efforts don’t seem to be supported due possibly to a global view that is being manipulated by the right since the terrorist attacks of 9/11.”