The French and Indian Wars

A concise history of the French and Indian Wars: the battles, armies, and commanders involved.

This is a concise history of the French and Indian wars, along with a fairly detailed explanation for the reason of the wars, as well as viewpoints of the opposing forces involved. The author explains tactical maneuvers made by each side, as well as some biographical information on the major commanders involved in the battle.
“The French and Indian wars consist of several large battles that took place between the English and the French, mixed together as one, to be commonly referred to as the French and Indian Wars. The most famous of these battles is known as The French and Indian War, which lasted seven years, sometimes referred to as The Seven Years War. The first of these battles was King William’s War, which spanned from 1688 to 1697. This battle consisted primarily of French attacks on the British frontiers and forts. Following this, was Queen Anne’s War, from 1702 to 1713, which is connected with the War of Spanish Succession. King George’s War took place between the years of 1744 and 1748. The last, and most predominate of these is the actual French and Indian War which occurred from 1754 to 1763.”