The Evolution to Economic Maturity for the United States

This paper examines the significant economic advances that were made in the United States between 1782-1815.

This paper starts by briefly outlining the basis of the American economy in the colonial period, and then contrasting it with the period of rapid economic development from 1782 to 1815. The rest of the paper examines this period carefully. Key issues outlined include the influence of mercantilism, the development of the American Banking System, the evolution of the insurance industry, as well as agricultural advances such as the flour mill.
“From 1782-1815, there was an extraordinary amount of change that took place in America, particularly on the economic front. Extremely significant shifts in agriculture, manufacturing, banking, and many other areas of the American Economy transpired, and the foundation for the most successful economy in the world today was laid. When the economic history of the United States is examined, it is clear that the time period between 1782 and 1815 was in fact “a period of evolution to economic maturity for the infant United States.””