The European Broadcasting Market

This paper discusses the evolution in the European broadcasting market as it switches from analogue to digital.

This paper explains some of the reasoning behind the growth of digital television is that it allows potential access to the Internet, online shopping, and e-mail. The author points out that many people believe mistakenly that digital technology is something very new, but they forget that smaller digital items, such as watches, have been around for quite some time. The paper reports that many individuals in the UK would like to have digital television, but the individuals, who are not interested in the service, are not interested in the additional services, such as the Internet, and are concerned about the cost of television programming and the types of channels and variety of entertainment they would be able to receive for free without having to purchase a subscription.

Table of Contents
Introduction and Theoretical Background
Theoretical Background
Review of the Literature
Modern European Broadcasting History
Deregulation and its Effects
Pluralism in a Free Market Economy
The Advent of Digital Television Technology in Europe
Industry and Audience Behavior
Viewing Trends
Consumer Expenditure
Plans for Switchover in the UK
Discussion of Findings
‘This chapter will look at many of the findings from a survey conducted in 2001 which will tie into the information in the literature review and serve to give a complete picture of what is happening with the digital television market and why. The study mentioned in the methodology section in chapter three provided many individuals with a great deal of information. Not only did many of the authors in the literature review either rely on or refer to information that was gained in this study, but the government utilized this study as well so that they could determine the answers to some of the more pressing questions about individual’s television preferences and whether they would be willing to switch to digital television without an argument.’