The Ethics of Stem Cell Research

A paper that argues that as long as women are willing to provide stem cells, scientists may be able to create new life for thousands. (WebPage)

The paper shows how stem cell research has quickly made its way into the media headlines and is among one of the most controversial subjects in America today. The debate on whether or not to use stem cells for research is a scientific one, but it has also become a political question, as well. The paper explores the ongoing conflict between pro-life advocates who feel that the moral costs of the research far outweigh any potential benefits and the scientists, who see the possibilities of research as awe-inspiring and bewildering – and yet no one denies the moral dilemma of the stem cell debate.
“Women who are having abortions are obviously pro-choice, and most likely believe that human personhood begins much later in pregnancy. They probably see the killing of surplus embryos to be acceptable morally, especially if it offers so many potential benefits to the advancement of mankind. What would happen to these stem cells if they were not donated to research? The answer is nothing. The abortion already happened. The stem cells are ready for use but if not donated, they would go to waste.”