The Electoral College

A look at the formation and principles of the Electoral College.

This paper takes a studied look at the historical justification for the Electoral College. The author traces the major events that took place over the course of the evolution from the original election process of the constitution to a virtual direct popular vote of the president. The author also examines the current arguments on why this system should either be changed or completely disregarded.
“The destruction of the Electoral College in this country is the only wise alternative. As it has been shown, this institution was originally based on selfish intentions and false, and illegitimate justifications and has been inherently corruptible since its conception. Though it has been greatly reformed it is still not free from corruption and is still capable of electing illegitimate candidates. Beside that fact it no longer applies to our society. Therefore, the Electoral College must be replaced with the only true form of representative election, which is popular vote. “